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Mini Pottery Studio Deluxe Set

Mini Pottery Studio Deluxe Set

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Tiny is HUGE!  Mini pottery is the next BIG, tiny trend!
We've made making small easy.  No water, no bake, it all air dries!  Using our centering tool and template guides makes for a great result for even the most novice potters. Those with more experience can take off the guides and free hand.  

Make It Real Mini Pottery Studio comes with clay for 20 projects, if you want to keep creating after your clay is cone, most brands of non-polymer air dry clay will work compatibly with this unit.  Happy crafting!


1 mechanical unit
1 storage base
1 mess-free dome
4 pcs centering tool
1 removable rotating wheel
1 plastic sheet
2 double-sided carving tools
8 tool tips
1 axle
6 template guides
1 400g bag of brown air-dry clay
1 400g bag of white air-dry clay
1 sponge
6 colors of paint
1 paintbrush
1 bottle of clear coat varnish
3 clay punches
3 clay cutters
1 plastic cutter
1 foam pad sheet
1 playbook


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