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Graffiti Street Style Journal Set

Graffiti Street Style Journal Set

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A journal that dresses in style!  Street style!  This lined journal is wearing its own graffiti, street style hoodie sweatshirt with a hood, drawstrings and front pocket pouch.  The funky street style graphic reminds you to dream in color with splashes of artistic icons and lots and lots of color!  This 160- page journal is accompanied by 2 gel pens- one with rainbow ink that will transition to a new color over time and a blue sparkly gel pen.  If the journal and pens alone weren’t enough to “draw you in” then the vinyl stickers and embroidered might make your day!  Smiley face and dripping rainbow embroidered patches and a dripping diamond and dream in color graphic vinyl stickers round out this great set!

1 journal
2 embroidery adhesive patches
2 vinyl stickers
2 gel pens

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