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Graffiti Cosmetic Wardrobe Set

Graffiti Cosmetic Wardrobe Set

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Desktop cosmetic wardrobe with 2 fantastic prints.  The outside of the wardrobe is covered in our street style graffiti print, and a metallic clasp keeps the contents locked in tight when using them.  The top of the wardrobe functions as a tray to keep small items within easy reach.  Open the wardrobe to find a smiley face graffiti print and treasure trove of cosmetics.  This set features 1 lip gloss tube, 1 eyeshadow pallet with 4 colors, 1 shimmer blush compact, a bottle of nail polish, a sheet of nail stickers, 2 eyeshadow applicators, 1 blush applicator and sparkly blue nail file. 

1 lip gloss
1 eyeshadow palette
1 shimmer blush palette
1 nail polish
1 sheet of nail stickers
1 nail file
2 eyeshadow applicators
1 cosmetic brush
1 makeup case

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