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Fashion Pouch with Patches

Fashion Pouch with Patches

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Uber trendy fashion bag silhouette with sparkly sequined, terry fabric, and embroidered patches waiting to be added to the handbag to customize to each trendy tween’s taste. Style the bag with whichever patches catch your eye! Decorate with gems and head out for fun. The bag has a lovely pink, purple, and blue checkered pattern and heart charm on the zipper. Fully lined and patterned. So chic, practical, and fun to decorate! This makes the perfect gift for stylish tweens, no matter the occasion. A colorful addition to any outfit to complete the look. Perfect for storing cosmetic products, accessories, pencils and pens, and anything else to be taken on the go!

1 bag
6 assorted patches
1 pearl sticker sheet
1 instruction sheet


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