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“Adventure Fun” Stationery Set

“Adventure Fun” Stationery Set

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Take a creative adventure with this complete stationery set!
With fun-to-shake highlighters, a precious extendable eraser pen, and adorable stickers, tweens will be thrilled to express themselves with this stationery set. Sleek and easy to transport, tweens can take this set on the go and jot down their thoughts, ideas, and creations wherever they like! This is the perfect gift for the tween in your life for any occasion. A fun outlet for tweens’ creativity, this set will encourage them to reflect and explore their awesome ideas.

1 spiralbound journal with pouch
3 novelty erasers
2 novelty pens
4 shaky highlighters shaped to look like nail polish bottles
1 vinyl sticker sheet
3 colored pencils
1 extendable eraser

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