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Make It Real DIY Tranquility Fountain

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Come build a whimsical water space!  Install the waterfall and house. Build unique flower and toadstool furniture and decorate for the pixie frog & their fairy friend.  Once done building and playing the enjoyment continues! Relax with the sound of water falling and the sensory experience of handling the water beads and the satisfaction that it can be changed around for a different experience tomorrow.

34 PCS
1 water basin bowl 
1 water basin cover
1 fountain pipe
1 big cascade flower 
2 small cascade flowers 
2 small cascade arms
1 forest fairy 
1 enchanted toad
2 wings
1 mushroom house
3 water lily pipes 
3 water lily button
3 water lily closed flower 
3 water lily open flower 
3 water lily leaves
1 water pump
1 water pump sleeve
1 water beads bag
1 foam pads sheet
1 sticker sheet
1 instruction sheet