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Graffiti Street Style Stationery Set

Graffiti Street Style Stationery Set

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This jumbo stationery set boasts a wheel of gel pens.  & it “wheely” spins!  Spin the dial to pick your color.  20 different colors at your service!  This set also includes a 160-page graffiti print adorned journal, 2 puzzle erasers (1 butterfly and 1 rainbow) take them apart and reassemble or use them to erase and re-do, your choice!  2 graffiti styled pencils with multicolor, swirled pigment, 4 highlighters and 4 vinyl stickers complete the set.  Go styling into school or round and round on your own desk at home- so much fun for any tween. 

1 journal
20 mini gel pens
2 puzzle erasers
2 rainbow lead colored pencils
4 highlighters
1 vinyl sticker sheet

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