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DIY Cloud Lantern

DIY Cloud Lantern

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Construct a sparkly cloud to brighten up a room with a smile on its face that brings 3 different modes of light in 13 different colors - even when it rains! This DIY LED Cloud Light kit has everything needed to build your own puffy cloud lamp to give your room a touch of unique flair. Try personalizing it with a cute happy face or some colorful raindrops. Light up your room with originality! This DIY kit is a perfect way to let your child get creative and build their own Cloud Light.

1 nylon lantern
1 lantern support
1 LED light strip
1 remote control
1 polyester fluff 4.23 oz (120 g)
1 tube of glue 4.06 fl. oz (120 ml)
1 sponge paint brush
1 acrylic yarn 10.9 yards (10 m)
1 sheet of raindrop stickers
9 round faceted beads
2 sheets of glitter stickers
1 iridescent cord 10.9 yards (10 m)
1 instruction sheet


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