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Disney Frozen 2 Decorate Queen Iduna's Shawl

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Put those designs skills to the test with this one-of-a-kind Make It Real set. It’s an interactive way to explore the magical world of Disney’s Frozen 2 by recreating Queen Iduna’s shawl, your way. It includes stamp-able fabric and fringe accents to get the signature look.

Kit Includes:
- 1 triangular piece of fabric
- 1 skein of acrylic yarn
- 2 bottles of acrylic paint
- 2 round stencil sponge brushes
- 1 sponge brush
- 1 sheet of gem stickers
- 1 metal yarn needle
- 1 thimble
- 1 stencil
- 4 rubber stamps
- Book with English instructions
- French instruction booklet

Book with English Instructions