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Disney Frozen x Juicy Couture™ Fashion Fantasy

Disney Frozen x Juicy Couture™ Fashion Fantasy

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Two iconic brands come together to form one awesome kit in the Disney Frozen x Juicy Couture™ Fashion Fantasy. This DIY set invites kids to make 6 bracelets featuring images from fashion label Juicy Couture™ along with Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Kids can mix and match the styles to make unique mash-up creations. This kit comes with 3 Frozen charms and 3 Juicy Couture™ charms. Gold beads, colorful beads, and snowflake designs are perfect for fans of Juicy Couture™ and Anna and Elsa. The kit comes complete with a special booklet featuring Juicy Couture™ and Frozen along with instructions.
For ages 8 and up.

1 blue nylon cord 4 m (4.4 yd)
1 blue suede lace 2 m (2.2 yd)
1 pink suede lace 3 m (3.3 yd)
1 black suede lace 3 m (3.3 yd)
3 Disney Frozen charms
3 Juicy Couture™ charms
9 bead charms
6 snowflake shaped beads
1 tube bead
4 curb chains
26 gold beads
1 book
1 instruction sheet

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